[Soshi9] The Girls Are Here

23rd March 2012, is a day unlike any other. For the first time, our girls, the Girls' Generation, has finally set foot on the vast land of Malaysia, upon invitation to perform at the “Twin Towers@Live 2012 concert".

At 3.30 a.m sharp, we have moved out to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) in time for our girls' arrival. Unexpectedly, though having our members properly stationed at various gateways, we were unable to meet with the girls as they have left the airport via another special passage, which is not accessible by unauthorized personal.

SoShi reaching the airport in Malaysia.

Disappointed, we left the airport in grief, to take a short break. One may wonder, "Why didn't you went to watch their performance at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) ?" We would, but, we knew that it will be near IMPOSSIBLE for us to reach the airport in time, as the girls are departing to Korea after their grand performance.

Managed to snap a picture with some passionate and dedicated SONES.

After replenishing our energy, we head back to the airport, crossing our fingers and hoped for the best.

Awaiting at the entrance, with our lovely and awesome banner.

In additional, the members of Soshi9 have also prepared a gift for Girls' Generation.

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Roughly an hour later, airport securities started gathering near the entrance. We felt the tension building, our heart beat began to rise. This was a clear indication, a sign, showing...THEY ARE COMING.

SoShi wasn't kidding when they sing 
"Girls' Generation make you feel the heat ! "

Finally, they are here, THE GIRLS whom we have been longing to see for hours, no, DAYS, no, MONTHS ! Sones started shouting and chanting upon SoShi's arrival, which was expected. The girls stepped down from their vehicles, only resulting the fans to roar and cheer even louder. Then, the securities began to guard them to the VIP Lounge of the airport.

Securities executing their task.

The one and only Girls' Generation.

Sunny waving at one of our members(on the right).

Surprisingly, we were able to pass the gift to Sunny. She gladly receives it with both her hands, and then burst into laughter as we cheered like madmen. 

Sunny holding our gift tight in her arms ♥

Featuring the 8 girls(Yuri was absent due to her schedule in Korea).
If you watch closely from 4:15 onwards, you'll see Sunny receiving the gift from Soshi9

The girls have entered the departure hall, bidding goodbye to Malaysia fans.

At the end of the day, all of us were exhausted from running, chasing, cheering, and planning. However, it was all worth it. This day, we shalt never forget. Because this day, is unlike any other day. It is the day where the hearts of Soshi and Sones drew closer. 

♥ Now, it's Girls' Generation ! ♥

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Girls’ Generation rocks Malaysia at “Twin Towers @Live 2012″ concert

Earlier in the week, we reported that Girls’ Generation would be in Malaysia on March 23rd to perform at the “Twin Towers@Live 2012 concert“. Well, the girls put on an amazing performance in front of thousands of fans!
The concert was held at KLCC park, below the Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers. According to reports, the girls arrived in Malaysia around 5PM local time and left back to Korea around midnight. According to fan accounts, the girls performed 6 songs. After their performances were over, there were still many more artists to perform, but a good portion of the crowd immediately left the venue.
Additionally, it seems due to scheduling conflicts, member Yuri couldn’t attend the concert.

Source(s) + Image: newskaki & ohbulan.com
Cr To: Allkpop

Oricon’s CEO discusses Girls’ Generation, B2ST, T-ara, & K-pop

CEO Koike Koh of the Oricon Corporation experienced something completely new on February 22nd. At the first ever Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards that took place in Seoul that night, Koike himself stepped onto the red carpet. How did it feel to be in front of 150 reporters and a combined number of 300 Korean & Japanese fans?
It was the first time in my life I felt like that,” he said.”I said to myself,So this is what it feels like for the stars who step out on the red carpet.’ I was also surprised at the loud cheers of the Korean fans.”
Oricon is the holding company at the head of a Japanese corporate group that supplies statistics and information on music and the music industry in Japan. The Oricon chart is a respectable and reliable source, and can be compared to the UK Chart in England, as well as the US Billboard.
Launched in 1968, the Oricon also served as the model when the format for the Korean Gaon Chart was created.
As someone who has closely observed the influence of K-pop grow over the years, CEO Koike sat down for an interview, and discussed what he sees as the charm of the fast growing world of K-pop, as well as the philosophy behind the well-respected Oricon chart.
Q. At the Gaon K-pop awards, you presented Girls’ Generation with the ‘Oricon Special Award’. What do you think is the secret to Girls’ Generation’s success in Japan?
A. Girls’ Generation debuted in Japan with their showcase at the Tokyo Ariake Colosseum. Although it was just a mini live performance for the fans who had purchased their CD, I was very surprised at how intensely young Japanese women responded to Girls’ Generation. None of other industry professionals, nor I, had ever imagined that young women could respond to a girl group like that. The marketing strategy of SM Entertainment and Universal Japan that targeted young female fans, was very effective.
Q. Between Taeyeon, who was the MC of the ceremony, and YoonA, who was the award presenter, do you like more?
A. For me, it would be YoonA (laughs). However, all nine members possess the talent and looks. It’s something I had felt before at their mini live performance, but I once again asked myself, ‘How were they able to bring together members like these into one group?’ It’s very surprising. In Japan, it would be no easy task bringing together nine people like them. To be honest, I met Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment in Japan two years ago and pondered, ‘How much of this would become reality?’ as he explained to me about the concept of Girls’ Generation. It seems that dream has been achieved now.

Q. Besides Korean artists who are already well known in Japan like Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, KARA, and BoA, are there any artists or groups that you are anticipating?
A. I was so surprised at last night’s ceremony. It seems artists possessing a variety of talents are being born endlessly in Korea. I was able to feel the depth of K-pop. Specifically, I saw B2ST‘s live performance for the first time yesterday, and felt that their performance level was very high. It was very memorable how the members used [every part of their body] down to the tips of their fingers to express themselves. T-ara‘s visual concept and techno pop dance tracks were unique. I believe that T-ara will continue to gain much popularity in Japan.
Q. Japan’s representative girl group is AKB48. What is something that AKB48 possesses that Korean girl groups do not?
A. Even during their debut period, they were still amateurs. However, Japan has a unique culture in that we enjoy watching idols grow and improve [with time]. I’m referring to the enjoyment of watching each member’s dance or vocal skills, or visuals improve gradually. Also fans [in Japan] hold an election once a year, in which they participate in determining the  next activities of the artists. Through this kind of process, the amount of fans grow as well. AKB48′s producer explained that the beginning concept was ‘an idol you feel as if you can meet up with anytime’. Even now, if you buy seven of their CDs, you can shake hands and talk with the girls for 10 seconds.
Q. Oricon Chart is one that is respected and reported about almost daily by the Korean media. It is one that lives up to the name it stands for (‘Original Confidence’). What is the secret?
A. ‘Oricon’ has one more meaning, which is ‘Consumer Oriented’. It means to look at things from the consumer’s perspective, and help them see things that they weren’t able to before. ‘Accurately investigating into the overflooding and distortion of information to provide reliable data’ – this is Oricon’s philosophy.
Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate